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Our team works in the development, implementation and quality control of the Batch Gift Entry, a tool included on the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), a Salesforce solution for Nonprofits. It works with flexible, open data architecture, adds pre-built constituent and donor management components.

This tool is built on proven fundraising technology and allows the teams to capture all of the detail and complexity involved in recording gifts. The main idea is to facilitate and expedite, being flexible for each particular Nonprofit. Provides the flexibility to work in a way that's unique to each organization, but still do so in an efficient way. We work with a Salesforce team, with daily contact in fluent communication.


- Enter Donation Data Fast and Mouse-Free

- Use Intelligence to Prevent Duplicate Records

- Harness Advanced Donation Matching and Selection

- An increase of Staff Efficiency

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They use the latest tools to facilitate communication and collaboration.

They respect deadlines, deliver top quality results and evaluate needs and solve any troubleshooting issue.

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