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The main objective is the creation of meetings, elaboration of their agendas, ABM of guests and speakers, as well as define the topics for the meetings

A large series of updates have been made over time, mainly in the graphical interface, with the advent of lightning and the integration with other tools of the Salesforce ecosystem. Also, we have worked on some app integrations, for example with Google Calendars and keep moving forward in its integration with QUIP.

The tool has had a very positive impact on Salesforce employees; as a tool that optimizes, facilitates the planning and follow up of different meetings, as well as having all the information available on mobile since the application is designed for mobile and desktop devices.


- A tool to facilitate the meeting schedule

- Safety to manage sensitive data

- App integration with Google Calendar

- Monitor and follow up of the meetings

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The results

In their own words

Nimacloud's team is highly skilled and possess a wide range of knowledge. They work with a solid, serious methodology, supported by their satble, robust project management infrastructure.

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