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The implemented system ensures vendors know in a simple and fast way with mobile use, the products sold in each store, the potential of that store, the profits obtained. It allows them to make a forecast for the future and easily know the state of the premises in terms of their commercial agreements, use of the brand, etc. The solution includes a report builder and a cost analysis tool.

A fundamental part of the system is based on communications. The whole team uses Chatter to satisfy inquiries and solve problems with all the departments of the company, instantly.


- Improve the efficiency of their distributors/vendors

- Migrate the information from the different clients to Salesforce

- Easy and safe registration of operations

- Calculate the coefficients and indices associated with clients

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The results

In their own words

Nimacloud's team design and implemented a special solution within stipulated time frames bringing the team up-to-speed on how to maximize Salesforce's value.

They use the latest tools to facilitate communication and collaboration.

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