We are Nima


Nima is a company specialized on the design and implementation of customer and enterprise cloud based solutions. We have more than 20 years of combined experience working with cutting-edge platforms and technologies to deliver high quality implementations.


A business solution is not just an application, but a layered process. We will guide you through all the steps, providing a dedicated analysis, planning each delivery milestone, performing development and supporting you on every phase of your solution.


We believe in the power of cloud computing, and Salesforce is the future of it. As a quick and evolving platform it allows business to quickly build robust and scalable systems to fulfill their needs. No other platform gives such advantages, allowing companies to focus on what it really matters: their business.

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About Us

We believe in the technologies we work with. Our pillars are communication and commitment, nothing can be achieved without that. We promote the use of agile methodologies from start to end, keeping things simple and working.
As a Salesforce partner, our team is always up to date with the latest features and products through Salesforce certifications and workshops. We know what we are doing.
We prefer small and task-focused teams to prove transparency and collaboration throughout the whole process. Our key is to always be willing to learn and deliver success.

Our Customers

We want our clients to be more than just customers, our clients are our partners in success.
At Nima, we have worked with multiple customers in many different scenarios, delivering complex tiered solutions. Our key to success is transparency, communication, commitment and partnership.