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Welcome to NIMACLOUD
Specialized in driving business up to the Cloud, helping
companies and Nonprofit organizations to go faster
and further.

About Us

Our solutions are built on experience and designed with the purpose of transforming business. We work with passion on a continuous journey for excellence. Excellence is not only a skill, it is a way and a work attitude.

We believe in the power of cloud computing. As Salesforce passionates, we are committed to building solutions which allow our clients to move forward and take their business to the next level.

The pillars that guide our work are in adherence to avant-garde technologies,
agile methodologies, and a continuous search for professional refinement.

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Nimacloud is a company specialized on the design and implementation of customer and enterprise cloud based solutions.



Our technology stack supply a range of tools and solutions to provide the right technical approach for each customer.

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We want more than just clients, we want to build a community. We have more than 20 years of combined experience, working with multiple customers under different scenarios, delivering the most challenging and diverse solutions. Our key is transparency, communication, teamwork and partnership.


"Nimacloud is a trusted partner, always available to provide further insights and continue maximizing Salesforce's value to our organization. Involving Salesforce and Nimacloud in our sales and customer service strategy was definitely the right decision"

Hans Guiscardo | Terminal de Cargas del Uruguay

"The staff at Nima are very professional. Unlike at other firms, with Nima, the person you talk to is the person who does the work."

Matt Kaufman | Mk Partners

"Nimacloud provides us with thorough, great quality work. They fit right in with our team members and have been dedicated to our clients for years now!"

Katie Graves | LogmeIn

Meet the Team

We are 100% Salesforce Certified professionals. Our team is made by Salesforce Architects and Developers, QA Analysts, Web Designers and Marketing Specialists. Each member is vital a component, allowing us to deliver top notch results. Inspired by passion, energy and commitment, we work in a continuous search for excellence.

  • Gabriel Rilo
  • Fernando Rodriguez
  • Camila Pose
  • Iñaki Berterreche
  • Manuela Berta
  • Rodrigo Cabrera
  • Filippo Pauletti
  • Ileana Silva
  • Ricardo Machado
  • Florencia Viurrarena
  • Martín De León
  • Javier Sanchez
  • Carmela Sosa
  • Nicolás Maldonado
  • Sebastián Raggio


Our headquarters are located in Uruguay (UTC-3), providing an excellent spot to work with US and Latin American companies.

1248 Luis Alberto de Herrera, suite 211, Montevideo, Uruguay

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